Saturday, April 22, 2017

Space1 Space Station SSS

Convair Atlas Manned Satellite
Space1 has moved foward its plans for the SSS Space Station.

The SSS already preexists inside the S1 Safety Rocket and can be flown to a desired position in space. Feature rich, it can be parked in orbit, put into a transitory mode, or returned to the Earth safely without burning up and causing damage to the Earth's environment.

Integrated into the rocket, there is nothing to dock for construction, no construction needed, and it comes all integrated and ready for use. There is no need to fly up numerous time consuming and weighty modules to construct it.

Construction is integrated and complete, including the following:
Boeing's version of a space station parked in Lunar Cis orbit
NASA concept for a space station version of the Space Shuttle
* instrumentation
* bridge command center with observation screen
* voice activated IA computer intelligence
* various sensors
* short and long range communications
* power units
* storage facilities
* exploratory probe
* return vehicle known as Delta Wing Flyer craft
* space telescope
* food supplies
* water and recyclers
* air and CO2 filtering unit
* botany greenhouse for food growth
* sleeping quarters
* space bathroom

Much of the SSS (not shown here) is modeled after a combination of the ISS, Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Enterprise, the Convair Atlas Manned Satellite and Delta Wing Flyers. The elite version SSS calls for:

* space laser weapon that could be used in diverting incoming space debris
* hull breach repair kit
* shielding against solar radiation and cosmic rays
* exploratory humanoid space robots that can inspect the SSS

Boeing presented its own plans to create a deep space transport vehicle and habitat. The illustration above shows the Deep Space Gateway, a habitat concept that Boeing wants to put into CisLunar orbit. It may be used for research regarding manned exploration and docking of spacecraft.

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