Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Space1 Photographic Lunar Atlas

Single image of the Gibbous Moon taken by Humanoido with a Meade ETX-60AT digital computer
controlled refracting GOTO telescope. iPhoto processing settings are as shown.
MEADE ETX-60AT Telescope
Space1 is continuing the assembly of a photographic lunar atlas, a concept developed by Humanoido for a future purpose of space tours in the ranged local or vicinity of the Moon. The atlas includes thousands of photos take with a variety of telescope sizes over a period of years. Atlas data was acquired from a Space1 merger. As the Moon has only one face showing to the Earth, views include the front side of the Moon and not the complete far side. Lunar librations over the years have brought more limb detail into focus so some small sections of the far side become visible and can be included in the atlas.

Space1 is interested in moving the Headquarters to a new location that facilitates constructing a new astronomical observatory as one option. Another option is to purchase or lease land by contract and construct a portable observatory as a more treeless region is better suited for Lunar studies. As Space1 enters into missions regarding the Earth's Moon, more lunar research and projects will result. Space1 has a variety of small and large telescopes, and equipment, so construction of the telescope observatory could move along quickly.

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