Sunday, April 30, 2017

Space1 Current, New & Impending Systems

NASA - welding a liquid oxygen tank for a new space launch system
Space1 takes an overview look at current, new and impending space systems created within its private space venture over the past several years.

S1 has a great vision for the future of safe space tourism. Some of the world's greatest projects have already taken shape and form according the list below.

Safety Rocket
Invented by the founder of space1, the world's first safety rocket keeps space travelers and space tourists safe throughout the space mission.

Space Station
The space station has seen an evolution of styles, models and incarnations. The newest design remarkable and prebuilt, simply flown into space where it remains part of the rocket.

Space Plane
Space1 created two space planes, a smaller version of a NASA Space Shuttle. This plane reaches apogee when connected to the Safety Rocket, and glides back to the Earth for landing.

Delta Wing Flyer
The Delta Wing Flyer is the latest and newest version of the Space Plane. Built primarily for gliding, return flights home, it also becomes part of the Safety Rocket fins for stability during the launch and traversing the Troposphere. The Flyer has many functions, such as supplying air, water, food, space repairs, return life craft, extension of the space station, and a self contained station.

Space Suit
The Space Suit provides many functions to the astronaut making space missions possible.

Space Computer
The Space Computer coordinates the rocket and the space suit and handles space parameters including the manipulation and control of time and space.

Daring and exciting Ejectables are personna programs to exit the rocket at apogee and free fall back to the Earth, in a superhero style of flying.

Space Port
A Space Port is a special location where rockets are launched and tests are conducted.

A satellite is dropped from the rocket during certain stages of the mission.

Space Telescope
The Space Telescope is designed for observations and reconnaissance from space.

Telemetry System
The Space1 Telemetry System is multi-purposed and perhaps one of the most technological part of the venture, for example, coordinating communications, navigation, imaging, advanced programs and recovery.

Support Space Craft
Space Craft support space missions and hold many forms. Some are engine driven, others are gliders, some can traverse space and others are expansion modules.

Space Car
The Space Car is an Earth-based cross country vehicle for transporting across fields and rough terrain to pick up astronauts, ejectables, payloads and recyclable components and crafts.

Space Hangar
The Portable Space Hangar houses a work area and storage area for Space1 systems.

Space Observatory
The Space Observatory is designed to support launch missions, keep track of space weather such as solar storms, and provide research and a vision to the future of space tourism.

Titan Moon Explorer Robot
This robot is designed to land on Saturn's moon Titan and return environmental data and images.

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