Friday, April 14, 2017

Space1 Humanoid Robot Size

JD Jr. has reduced leg size and weight, yet can perform walking, dancing and other leg mobility
Space has criteria for rocket launching humanoid robots into space, particularly size. If the robot is too large or heavy for flight, there are ways to trim it down. Fitting into diminutive crew quarters can be accomplished by using smaller humanoids or sizing a larger humanoid. Sizing includes trimming excess weight and volume by removal of extremities such as an arm or leg or decreasing their size. Usually the torso contains the computer and can be kept along with the head for vision and an arm for panel instrument control. JD Jr. was created by reducing leg size, and keeping functions such as walking, turning, dancing, running and applying pressure to brake controls.

In the Tom Swift science fiction book seriies, Swift Enterprises undertakes to set up an atomic laboratory for the U.S. Government, Tom Swift Jr. goes to work on a giant robot that can function by remote control when exposed to deadly atomic and hydrogen rays.

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