Monday, April 24, 2017

Space1 Delta Wing Flyer Views & Operation

A future flyer is upgraded for deeper missions in space

Space1 shows artistic conceptual views of the new Delta Wing Flyer DWF. The DWF is based on the success of Space1's space planes, gliding reentry vehicles that return astronauts to the Earth.

The DWF is built completely on the Earth and is taken into space attached to the Safety Rocket. At apogee, the DWF is mechanically released and the craft automatically returns to the Earth in a special gliding mode. The automatic gliding mode is

Multiple Delta Wing Flyers serve the rocket space station
Delta Wing conception with thrust engines
reprogrammed and dissipates kinetic energy of reentry without the need for heat shields or bulky devices. Delta Wing Flyers are intended as multipurpose. When attached to the Safety rocket at the time of rocket launch, they can serve to hold supplies, air,
water, and other necessities for life in the space station. Upon return to the Earth, the DWF is relatively empty for the most effective gliding ability.

Functions of the Delta Wing Flyer
* Functional support to the rocket space station
* Standard return vehicle
* Emergency station
* Storage vessel of air, food, supplies
* Functional part of the Safety Rocket offering flight stability
* Small outpost in space
* Increase to the size of the rocket space station
* Assist space walks at greater distances from the main station
* Flyer to inspect the main station
* Host vessel for space telescope, satellites
* Observation outpost in space
* As a shield during solar storms and supernova

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