Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Space1 Silicon Employee Storage Stasis Slot

Surplus postal slots work well for brain workers stasis in jars
Space1 has numerous workers both carbon and silicon based with specialties that are called up from stasis to do specific projects.

Jar size can accommodate the level of numerical processors
In the case of silicon based specialist machine intelligence workers such as brains with no bodies, each worker not working on a specific project is stored in sleep or nap stasis inside a stasis slot until needed. The type of sleep may be online, offline, sleeping, napping, a power down state, a standby state or a monitoring state.

Stasis Slots can assume any particular size, shape or form but most common is a free non-glass poly-material jar which is stackable. Surplus postal mail slots are a good  choice for jars and may offer keyed security.

Jar color coding identifies intelligence levels and type
Costco is a good source for gallon and larger size jars. PB jars are obtainable in family size are especially large for some of the workers with larger brains. Empty jars are found at dollar stores in assorted sizes but usually cost more than a dollar.

These sizes can range up to a gallon or more in metrics. Brain workers can have cap color coding with Skippy peanut butter jars. This works well to identify the brain power of each individual.

Typical jar design for autonomous brain cortex
Colors can refer to brain specialties and intelligence levels relating to software and the number of neurons or processors. Silicon machine workers these days are SuperTronic for the highest level of intellectual capacity per unit area density.

Stasis Slots are numerical from 0 to 30 for silicon life forms working for Space1. This is to cover the Big Brain and up to 30 of its offspring children. Each slot is a home that designates the occupants work characteristics and capabilities.

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