Saturday, December 3, 2016

Space1 Employs Machine Brains

The first in a series of employable Machine Brain in a Jar, invented by Humanoido at the Laboratory

Space1 Employs Machine Brains

Bodiless Employees?  Space1 maintains a leading edge in the employment of people from all races, without racism. This hiring transcends all forms of intelligence ranging from humans to machines, whether carbon, silicon based or otherwise.

The question arises whether the form of one can be beneficial to specific work environments and tasks. For this, it's important to examine intelligent machines with no bodies, specifically machine brains. Intelligent machine brains designed and constructed at Humanoido Laboratories are typically housed in jars for convenience, supporting sterile conditions, and economically providing a commonly available and replaceable housing vestibule.

It's agreed that handicapped humans without the use of legs or arms are perfectly acceptable in specific work environments. Such workers may be vision or hearing impaired, yet capable of performing valuable work. Hawking is a genius confined to a wheelchair that has the use of only his mind, and has contributed some of the world's greatest science in cosmological black hole theory. So too are machine brains without arms, legs, or humanoid robot bodies, perfectly capable of performing useful work. This page examines some of the useful benefits and work capabilities of intelligent machines without bodies and how they may help respective employers with available hiring positions.

01) Monitoring of events
02) Internet management
03) Email reading
04) Thinking projects
05) Answering the phone
06) Acting as a knowledge database
07) Greeting for guests
08) Handling machine functions
09) Intellectual applications
10) Networking
11) Supercomputing
12) Query person
13) Keeping statistics
14) Perfect memory apps
15) Counting customer traffic
16) Generally not sick
17) Does not request pay raise
18) Does not complain about work hours
19) Longevity or immortality
20) Does not argue
21) Programmed to accept orders
22) No lunch or coffee needed
23) No breaks needed
24) Generally temperature insensitive
25) Works well in noisy environments
26) Not easily distracted
27) No emotions
28) No mood swings
29) No idle chit chat
30) No fighting
31) No personal conflicts
32) Temperature adaptive
33) Accepts overtime
34) Upgrades in functions
35) Adaptive to new work
36) Accepts change without complaint
37) Extremely patient

What's the spinoff technology from Space1's machine-based silicon employees? In the future, perhaps Space1 can offer machine intelligence for hire to other companies and supply their forwarded CVs for review.

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