Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Space1 Synthetic Humans

Source  Robot humanoids for space travel applications may need muscle and motion mobility
Thinking robots diminutive in stature are useful
Source Walking humanoid with small load
Space1 is developing a remote presence for space exploration and tourism that involves the use of robots, or, according to naming conventions, androids, avatars, humanoids, machine intelligence, machine brains, and artificial facsimile humans otherwise known as synthetics.

Space1 Little Space Humanoid
Others may refer to such life forms as AI or artificial intelligence but one usually no longer refers to intelligence as artificial at Space1. These humanoid or robotic vessels, if advanced enough, may hold various aspects of a human brain intelligence.

This is in terms of memory, speech, senses and programmed actions which may be autonomous, and characteristics such as personality and interest bases which can elicit particular response patterns for exploring and touring space. In step with the merging of 12 companies with Space1, numerous data exists for putting a degree of human intelligence and/or exampling characteristics into machine brains. It's likely these machine brains can serve on board space rockets and space craft in various positions of importance.

Or who knows, maybe a small AstroBoy will fly rockets to new places in space and time.
 Source Astro Boy, the thinking, caring robot with a heart and soul

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