Sunday, November 20, 2016

Space1 Little Space Humanoid LSH

Example of a little space humanoid
Space1 has introduced a new cute space humanoid for short duration rocket space tourist missions. The world's first little space humanoid is transformed into a sophisticated and remarkable featured rocket space humanoid person that contributes to a more robust space tourism venture in support of human space travelers. Little Space Humanoids LSHs can be constructed remotely off site away from spaceports and its components can be made using a printer and the appropriate sensors available in a special package.

A fully completed astronaut LSH version may be available for an estimated US$12,000.00 in kit form. However, it may be possible to send a version over the internet which could include only the exoskeleton design and instructions for assembly. In final stages of a space tourism development package, Space1 is expected to offer variations of little space humanoids and details for customization for personal preferences. For more information contact Space1 Headquarters or watch for updating news blogs.

Features of Little Space Humanoid LSH
Cute friendly appearance
Able to withstand 20Gs or more
Adapts to reentry conditions
Anchors effectively
No space sickness
More petite in dimensions
Able to hibernate during long missions
Size fits into smaller and faster rockets
Light weight
Less mass
Efficient in payload analysis
Shapeable body
Conforms to space capsules
3D Printer Approved
Telemetry linkable
Long life span
Can come back from the dead
Dozens can be cloned
Exoskeleton is Inexpensive
Customization ready
Sensors array for space travel
Memory saves space flight
Eyes and ears take in the beauty of space
Structural exoskeleton

Sensors & Electronics
The LSH is a very sophisticated little space humanoid with numerous technical capabilities designed for rocket space flight. Having a brain and relatively keen eyesight, the LSH uses its feeling to touch space with sensing experience, gforce, rocket vibration and weightlessness. The humanoid also has hearing acuity and can remember the entire space flight. A USB common interface links the space humanoid with the ground control station computers for a data link. Future versions are expected to be black box compatible, programmable and own-able.

Rocket vibration feeling
Flight Memory
Tiny computer brain
USB interface port

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