Friday, December 2, 2016

Space1 Referential Time Machine The Next Generation

Exampling time machine on display at the Center
The New Time Machine  Three years ago during the First Quarter of 2014, the original RTM Referential Time Machine concept and design was introduced. The method defined the use of objectified wavelength shifting, a type of Doppler time-event-spectrum to slow down time. The technique was ideal in rocket applications. Over a three year period, the next generation design was invented and developed. The new RTM TNG theory of operation is different from the first generation RTM. The entire machine is simplified to address the issues of time itself as being referential without modifications of a Doppler time event spectrum. This makes dialing in the time factor easy to do, as a computer control panel is interfaced to the machine, thereby changing the flow of time. This machine version will directly take the astronaut directly to a specific place in space time and it controls the flow and the direction of time.

— The RTM-TNG controls the flow and direction of time  —

The flow of time was a debated issue in the past, invoking the dilemma of event passage. Some scientists said time was merely the passage of events in the forward direction. Although this is true, it's only partially true and does not include time causality in the fabric of space-time. It's the space fabric that scientists now know that controls gravity and time itself. Therefore, the RTM-TNG is not a gravitomic machine or STCQPG Space Time Continuum Quantum Phase Generator, or a Quadlyzer Quantum Analyzer.

Through experiments it was discovered the time machine can move forward in time more slowly (clock runs slow) and speed up time into the future (clock runs fast). Recently, stop time was studied, which upon review may have considerably useful applications if handled carefully. The RTM TNG is a separate entity from the rocket in its current form factor. It functions on the Earth at the Space1 Rocket Dynamics Laboratory and Space1 Space Time Laboratory, designed to investigate and control time. The controls for time flow are simplified into the following and include features that could be incorporated into a third generation time machine:

01 - Start Time
02 - Stop Time Interval
03 - Freeze Time
04 - Discontinue Time
05 - Time Suspension
06 - Move Forward in Time
07 - Move Backward in Time
08 - Slow Down Time (Decelerate)
09 - Speed Up Time (Accelerate)
10 - Store Time
11 - Ramp Up Time
12 - Ramp Down Time
13 - Time Jump

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