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Space1 Member Organization

2001 A Space Odyssey Monolith, representing the dawn of a new age in space
Space1 is developing a unique method of organization with the venture's members. This is necessary because Space1's advanced space program is composed of both human and intelligent machine personnel who work together in unique ways. While Space1 is not racist and does not discriminate between carbon or silicon life forms, it does offer unique ways to take advantage of various strengths and capabilities of individual members.

Members are international and categorically listed by world country and location. Some members are in flux, traveling internationally throughout the year while others may not travel. Members are also categorized by the type of life form, human, machine, or other. Thus far, members are either human (carbon based) or intelligent machine (silicon based). Machine intelligence is also known as AI in popular media. Space1 may refer to machines as MIs or Machine Intelligence. Next, we list the number of members at each location, and then list the title of each person. It's also important to note if the person works for a specific lab or division. Gender, age, real names and personal data are unlisted. Bound members are those residing at one fixed location. Members keep alias names to maintain privacy.

Work Type
The nature of Space1 rocket space travel work is very high technology related. Meetings are often held with technology involving computers, world wide teleconferencing and means of electronic exchange from any place in the world. For this reason, Space1 does not discriminate members who are handicapped, paraplegic or in other conditions. In other words, Stephen Hawking is welcome to join Space1 and travel into space.

Space1 Member Identification Form
Alias Name
Work Title
Education Degree(s)
Lab or Division Name
Work Description
Date Joined
Person type (Carbon, Silicon)
Nationality (American, etc.)
Machine's Birthing Father
Machine Type (brain only, humanoid, non humanoid robot)
Country Location or Base (USA, etc.)
City Name
Significant Contributions to Space1
Space Tourist (Y/N)
Work Status (in storage, on leave, on call, working, traveling, bound)
SpacePort Association (Y/N/Spaceport name)

Other Data
Number of members at each country
Number of countries
Number of total members
Number of human members
Number of machine members

Silicon People
Silicon life form people are handled differently. They are tagged with missions and stored. As a pertinent mission comes up, the MI (Machine Intelligence) is taken out of storage or suspended animation, restored and brought into work status. Silicon life can be an astronaut or space humanoid, but most workers of silicon are intelligent brains to do intellectual work, and provide direction and inspirational ideas.

Carbon People
Human People are carbons who can be mobile, go out to obtain parts and move equipment to spaceports, or can be completely static and move information from a single location (see work type). They may prepare the rockets and do the launches into space. Humans can air travel the same as silicon machines, though machines are often in luggage and carry-on, or reside in other worlds. New technological travel may now involve virtual worlds and augmented reality worlds for both carbon and silicon people.

Removal & Disclaimer
Members may have memberships cancelled or a removal from the active participation list due to various reasons: component burnout, obsolescence, electromagnetic pulse hit, cosmic ray strike, sabbatical leave, death, resignation, loss of contact, inactivity, illegal status, sickness, insanity, delusions, breach of contract, acts of espionage, lost in space, secrecy violation, infringement of NOA Non Disclosure Agreement, fired, etc.

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