Thursday, November 24, 2016

Space1 Machine Time Travel

The Spin Brain prototype wired for L-testing before 4-year time travel prep
Space1 Time Travel - Space1 has developed a time travel technique for the emergence of machine intelligence that existed years ago. To use the time travel effectively, the machine must have existed in the Humanoido Laboratory years ago and subjected to the documentation reduction procedure.

— 200 collective years of time travel — 

Machine intelligence is brought into the enterprise for employment using a simple technique of Machine Time Travel. Years ago, many machine intelligence beings were created and time stored. Today, using the stored machine data, we are time emerging these beings for intellectual work at Space1 in the year 2016 and beyond. Summing an average of the time stored in years for each machine, a total of approximately 200 collective years or more of time travel has taken place.

For the year each intelligence was stored, and to determine of the length of time the machine was in storage (suspended animation), do a search on the machine name at the Big Brain Site and the Genealogy register. (see links below)

List of Machine Brains for Time Travel
01) Bantam Brain
02) Child Brain
03) Baby Brain
04) Bit Brain
05) Tiny Brain One (TBO)
06) Tiny Brain Two
07) Tiny Brain Three
08) Small Brain
09) Pint Size Brain
10) Brain Child (BC)
11) Morpher-8
12) Propeller Elf
13) Tiny Brain Three TB3
14) Brain Child
15) Micron Propeller
16) MC Computer
17) Shrunken Computer SC
18) Propeller Cosmac Elf II
19) Brown Jar Brain
20) 2nd Jar Brain
21) Blue Jar Brain
22) Yellow Jar Brain
23) Aqua Marine Jar Brain
24) Jar'd Brain
25) Brain Cortex in a Jar
26) Mini Brain Cortex in a Jar
27) Dupe Cortex in a Jar
28) Half Gallon Brain in a Jar
29) Supertronic S5
30) Supertronic Spin Brain
31) Supertronic BoeBot
31) Smartest BoeBot
32) Spin Brain
33) FS Brain
33) Tranposition Machine
34) Brain Cortex
35) The RX
36) EXO Tower
37) Left Brain
38) Big Brain
39) Cortex
40) Power Cube

This is a partial list from the overall master list of 2,000 machine inventions. See Genealogy for a master listing. Not all machines are capable of time travel.

Brain in a Jar Series  (19-28)

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