Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Space1 Information Center

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Space1 is working on a creation spinoff from the Space1 Time Line at:

(Space1 Time Line)

This is being transformed into an information center based on the database index of Space1 posts currently are in its three year time span at this location:


When more complete, a new link URL will be given for the Online Information Center.

The proposal Online Information Center groups together under one roof all the space inventions and has sections about studies, papers, research, resources, references, projects, designs, proposals, etc. To accomplish this, the actual posted time line will be expanded to include a more comprehensive time line list of topics.

This will become a massive information center for Space1 online. This is not a modifiable Wiki, but rather a massive data base for retrieval of information. So far it looks like amazing potential as there are many things Space1 has accomplished in the almost 3 years of operations.

Space1 has an index of all space1 posts with referenced location links. The time line can become a massive online information research center itself for space1, with links to thousands of topics and points of research, reference and development. Envisioned, the information center will have more sections on various robots, rockets, and technology topics. The completion schedule depends on available time dedicated to this project and the number of staff working on it.

The current Space1 Index for update is at:

Space1 Index
Big Brain Site