Thursday, November 17, 2016

Space1 Infinitesimal Weight Machine

Exampling microscopic view of Infinitesimal Weight Machine IWM composition with space holes
Exoskeleton of IWM material possible
Humanoido has invented the Infinitesimal Weight Machine IWM. This machine is not entirely weightless but very close. Using a bit of aeronautic physics, this material can be tuned for use in space humanoids and rocket applications.

IWM material has microscopic spaces and divisions, or space holes, in between its molecular structure which hold air or the vacuum of space and are void of physical structure. The holes contain no weight and no mass and their density contributes to the infinitesimal weight of the matieral. As the proportion of the holes increase, the weight and mass of the material decreases.

One application example is to incorporate the Infinitesimal Weight Machine with the living rocket where the rocket interior payload walls are alive and nearly weightless. This will create a new science and technology in space with many more scientific applications. IWM is already used in the rocket cabin suits and exoskeletons and is being developed to create new rocket occupant space suits and defining space wearables for space flight.

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