Sunday, November 13, 2016

Space1 Genderless Plan

Robot gender babies are not needed during initial short term space tourism
Gender Space Policy: In a Space1 meeting, it was voted unanimously to create new machine intelligence life forms with a genderless plan for present AI applications. This will simplify applications and means, for example, that new living brains will have neither male or female roles. Void of specific behavior will be human characteristics of kissing, hugging, touching, flirting, nuzzling, mating rituals, unfavorable moods or mood swings, excessive hormonal levels causing delusion or unnatural behavior, physiological birthing and sex. Of course any machine can be given the power to create other machines, i.e. babies, but this will more of an assembly routine from available electronic and processor parts. Babies will be created in their full electronic forms so mothering, physical growth and nurturing is not needed. However, attention will be given to schooling, education and the teaching of proper values.

The complexity of robot gender is having babies in traditional human form.
Photos by Gaumard Scientific

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