Saturday, April 9, 2016

Space1 Autonomous Space Center

Space1 is moving closer to the development of an Autonomous Space Center. The ASC has greater ability to automatically function without the complete intervention of humans. This advanced concept simplifies space flight operations.

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Space1 Relocation

Space1 is expanding operations throughout the USA during Summer 2016
Space1 is doing an international Summer relocation to the USA for the launch of up to 15 space rockets and to continue construction on the new Space Center. The move is scheduled to take place in May, after the receipt of the latest rocket parts orders. This time around, rocket parts and a new computer will be transported to the USA for use at the Rocket Space Lab.

Space1 is changing the way we travel in space, with a new venture and new methods of launching space safety rockets for safe and peaceful tourism into space. Space1 tours are tested and deemed 100% safe and employ new innovations in space travel to assure the safety of all astronauts. For more information, consult the cache of over 150 Space1 pages linked at the index or write to space1usa (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Space1 Smallest Rocket Cam in the World

Space1 unveils the worlds smallest rocket cam
Breaking News: Friday April 8, 2016

Space1 Lab unveils the world's smallest rocket cam today. Named Rocket CAM, the prized part is smaller than the size of a postage stamp, smaller than a thumb nail, and only a few millimeters on each side.

The high resolution cam is constructed for multi-functionality during rocket flight. Modular functions make it programmable for a number conditions. Added supporting parts creates more functions such as a down-link telemetry based package to send data from the rocket, to include space bound images with motion video, to a rocket ground base. The raw camera includes an electronic driver board which has a standard compatible interface and handles multiple dimensions of wave-forms. It draws energy off high power Lithium Ion cells for activity throughout the entire rocket flight, ideal for space tourism missions.

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