Sunday, March 20, 2016

Space1 Massive Drone

NASA's version of a large pilot-less drone
BREAKING NEWS: Space1, an non-military private space venture directed by Humanoido, has vested in very large and massive rc crafts inclusive of giant non-manned planes and SOTA drones that can support space rockets during the troposphere phase and penetrate the JS boundary.

Investment includes a massive multi-rotor drone, as there are no drone rules in the country. However, the Monsoon weather of constant rain has temporarily shut down the drone program. The big drone is currently stored in a second stage dedicated hangar construct. Space1 looks forward to exploring the large payload aspect of this big MF device.

Space1 developed a heavyweight FPV system for pilotless flying at long ranges, miles away. This will function with Space1's space craft base stations as well. Very exciting  news includes one config to serve as a tropo driver, taking ATM pile driver stuff to the edge of space.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Space1 March Update

In March, Space1 continues to receive rocket parts orders for the construction of rockets, inventions and supporting equipment at the international Taiwan locations. Command and control will be released back to the USA in April and the current ordering cycle will be suspended. Receiving rocket parts orders will continue as will the construction of various new inventions.

Fourteen USA rocket flights are planned at the USA Spaceports, including the first rocket release tests of Space1's secret rocket space planes. The space planes will undergo autonomous launch, flight, and glide return missions. One objective is the possible mission of space tourists having the option to return in a space plane that can be either piloted or returned automatically by various methods.

Upon completion of this cycle, the world's first Space1 astronaut will venture into space and the door to space tourism will swing wide open for the first group of history-making space touring pioneers. Construction work will begin for the new rocket space center in the spring of 2016. When completed, the rocket space center will become the hub and a beehive of space activity.

* prized corporate center for space1
* construction site for rockets
* aerodynamic space lab
* hangar for rockets, modules and transport vehicles
* electronic weather station
* astronomical observatory
* observatory foundation - rocket related phenomena
* electronics lab
* robotics lab for advanced developments
* space supercomputer center
* testing center for equipment
* space inventions center
* transfer of the quantum mechanics lab
* transfer of the space time relativity lab

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Space1 Rocket Micro Base Station Cat's Pajamas

Cat's Pajamas rocket electric micro base station fits in a hand
Humanoido at the Space1 Rocket Laboratory has invented the Cat's Pajamas, a Rocket Electric Micro Base Station. The Cat's Pajamas is cute, lightweight, tiny and small, and it puts massive rocket functions into a pocket or the palm of your hand.

For the first time, it opens up space travel to a wider sect. Primary functions of a large full scale rocket base station are now built into the powerful but minuscule Cat's Pajamas. The Cat's Pajamas station can be pocket carried to space ports and minimizes the weight and physical size of the overall rocket Earth space center. The Cat's Pajamas handles space power distribution, audio and video rocket space flight telemetry, with complete rocket space flight tourism recording for production and analysis. It converts into FPV for onboard rocket space experiments.

The Cat's Pajamas has other functions such as USB, remote control, a micro space monitor screen, charging, support for solid state drives, i.e. 32Gb Class 10 SD cards, lithium ion technology, and low power consumption as low as 200mA for in-field use. It uses a standard NTSC format with 720 x 480 @30FPS. It can also voice overlay imprint for RT data analysis and can capture and track future rocket missions lasting over 2 hours.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Space1 Rocket Ground Base

Partners in space ground station
Space1 continues to develop the newest rocket ground base with the receipt of more parts and modules. This will enable viewing and tracking space launches, telemetry keeping, and provide paramount data for launch and recovery.

Tests are being prepared on the black box module which will link up with the main spacecraft during space tourism and fight tests, and have the ability to show flight progression in real time. In the future, the system could be useful in managing multiple space vehicles.

Parts and modules come from numerous suppliers and take considerable time to acquire, then tests take place to confirm that standards are met. The rocket base can record entire flights through digital means for future analysis.

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