Friday, January 1, 2016

Space1 Space Romance

Space1 tours in space, for the first time in history, plan to introduce romance in space. In the past, the technical nature of space flight, the uncertainly, complexity and the dangers precluded the principle enjoyment of a couple's romance.

Now for the first time, Space1 and the Safety Rocket can introduce a romantic space tour package for couples wanting to tour space in ways never experienced before.

We will provide a special private and romantic rocket chamber decorated with the subtle romantic elements of a love ride in space. A crew com- partment for two, will com-
pliment the Safety Rocket, and touring sites will be selected for a romantic setting in space. Space rides will be ideal for romantic space flings, engagements, marriages and engaging in exotic space love - cameras are optional.

Book your early romantic rocket flights with your loved one and reserve a place to shoot towards the Moon and romantic scintillating stars some starry starry night.

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