Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Space1 Rocket Tracking

The founder of Space1 has invented a method of tracking rockets without GPS or Beacons. This is a unique way to utilize existing rocket components and track the rocket, voiding the necessity of complicated multi-process GPS tracking, or the heavy weight of a specific tracking beacon. The system does not require any extra parts as the rocket telemetry is combined with the rockets ground station to provide a real time earth visual throughout the flight.

As reentry takes place, the V part of the telemetry is transmitted back to the GS ground station which shows exactly where the rocket is located per unit time. According to the system calculus, the rate of change is qualitative analyzed, not quantitative. The simplicity and reliability of this system is within the incorporation into the rockets already existing telemetry package. Data is sent to the ground station for resolution. As the system uses existing parts and components, no GPS or complicated systems are used.