Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Space1 Rocket Ground Station

The future of small ground support stations   Source
The founder of Space1 has designed a new rocket tourist ground station.  The ground station handles rocket inspection, the flight of the rocket and ensures proper recovery.

GS, Space Ground Station, handles the rocket telemetry, locks onto the air born signal automatically, provides a recording station of flight details, has multiple channels,  provides a real time video and audio monitoring of the data and the astronauts condition inside the rocket and/or views external to the rocket for inspection and tracking.

The ground station has it's own power source so it's mobile. A mobile ground station can operate from a moving vehicle whether it be a car, truck or van, or it can remain at a static location. After space flight, the Ground Station can be processed for the data it holds. GS is easily moved to multiple space ports. It can also be passed from one ground controller to another.