Friday, January 22, 2016

Space1 Letters from the Founder

Effective today we'll begin presenting approved Space1 letters from our supporters, members, and the founder of Space1. These will provide inside information, updates and disclose many of the inner workings of Space1 space tourism, rockets, equipment, schedules and developments. Some previous letters may be declassified.

Space1 Date 01.22.16
From the Founder of Space1

I decided to fly into Hong Kong to buy the necessary computers and equipment for space1. So I'll be gone a short time to make these acquisitions and return to international home base, probably in about a week. It will be a good time as well to hold a space development meeting, which I have now scheduled, and check on the operations of our HK rocket launch spaceport. I think the President will attend for discussion about expanding space1, its support, and its ongoing development in space tourism. If members of Space1 have free-use Line active on their smart phones and the IDs, I might be able to provide updates about space1 during the flight, depending on the time structure, or use it for other real time and latent space purposes.

Founder - Space1