Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Space1 Invention Space Paper

Chemical foundation formula during the derivation of Space Paper
The founder of Space1 has invented Space-Paper. The board of directors say SP is the greatest thing to come along at the space agency since the invention of Safety Rocket. What makes this space paper so special?

Space Paper (SP) was developed over a two year period. Our scientists were looking to develop a new material for rocket propulsion that was nearly weightless, strong enough to use in the construction of exoskeltons, and inexpensive for keeping the cost of space tourism to something which everyone could afford.

The new investment division for SP was created overnight for a new form of robotics, e.i. humanoid robots whose primary composition is a derivative of super light weight chemically modified cellulose (see basic chemical formula attached).

Space1 Space-Paper is a material that's safe and fireproofed using the Lab's established fireproofing technology, and light weight enough to become prime construction material not only for humanoid machines and artificially created intelligent life forms for engagement in rocket travel, but the actual components of the rocket, such as bulk heads.

SP can be manufactured cheaply, extruded, rolled, folded, cut, trimmed, drilled, joined, sized, imprinted, scaled, printed, stored, frozen, heated, and integrated.

SP is tested to hold up to at least 27 Gs. Structural analysis shows SP may withstand much higher stresses of G force and vibration than limit tests have shown. This is because the maximum G force test had a peak of 27 Gs. SP has grain - super strong in X which is the rocket component needed during space flight.

A five pound piece of conventional humanoid robot now becomes less than .1 ounce. This is 800 times lighter - a super light weight humanoid robotics material will change the robotics of space travel and reduce the cost of space flight significantly at Space1, thereby passing the savings onto space tourists, helping to make space flight low cost and affordable to all.

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