Thursday, December 17, 2015

Space1 Free Space Flight

a once in a lifetime promotion

Face it, thus far, going into space as a space tourist is not a very affordable proposition. Some space companies are charging on the average at least US$250,000 per person. From there, the cost per person goes into the millions of dollars. This makes space available only to the rich. And this is no bargain because for that price, it's not entirely safe. Space planes and rockets have blown up, killing astronauts.

Space1 is changing all that. How we go into space will become affordable, safe, and available. Although Space1 is taking ticket reservations, the founder of Space1 has a new idea, to make space tourism available free to the first pioneering astronauts in our program.

The Promotion: Space1 is now accepting applications to go into space as a pioneering space tourist, inside Space1's Safety Rocket. We've decided the first ten selected astronauts will go up free! Get in on the deal of the century and go down in history as one of the first in our revolutionary new way to explore space.

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Space1 Free Space Flight