Thursday, December 31, 2015

Space1 Spacesuit

Space1 is working on a spacesuit, necessary for space tourism. The suit is currently being designed and manufactured at Space1 Taiwan lab (Space Lab) and facilities.

We expect several design variations with various functions for the missions at hand. Important aspects of the space suit include the following wearable categories:

* Face Helmet
* Body Glove
* Body Plate

These sections are designed to function in unison and react to the space environment, giving the feedback necessary for the space tourist to experience the changing environment. Additional features can include Rocket Vision, which is the ability to extend the vision range of humans during tourist space flight to see more space attractions.

In one example, during the flight, tremendous G force will occur but the space suit will insulate the wearer from the full effects of peak acceleration. The face-plate will allow the astronaut to view through a "space window" to see the the shrinking Earth, and various elements and touring features of space. The body plate will ensure safe level feedback of strong vibration and heavy buffeting from the Safety Rocket. It will also handle the effects of weightlessness and provide more comfort for the space1 tourist.

The key is the wearer will safely experience the sights, sounds, and feelings of the rocket ride throughout touring space from liftoff to recovery and everything in between.

Building the first space suit requires a modular construction and component testing. A new spacesuit computer is being designed to handle the transitions of flight. The space suit computer will function with autonomy and have HW programming in new hard wired language designed specifically for the Space1 suit. The complexity of the original suit is being simplified not only for simple intuitive use but to bring down costs to an essential minimum.

The suit cost reductions will contribute to making space tourism affordable to the largest population in history. It will seamlessly function as part of the safety net, ushering in a new era of space travel, taking science fiction into the territory of science fact.