Monday, January 1, 2018

Space1 USS Pioneer Rocket Convention

In many ways of appearance, the real life USS Pioneer space ship is similar to a modified Captain Proton's space ship. The large belly, ability to have radial viewing ports, and the rear-most guidance fins are somewhat similar. As the USS Pioneer rocket space ship is still under manufacturing construction, a close and approximate representation is illustrated here.


Many people have asked about the naming convention of the USS Pioneer rocket, the latest and greatest 2018 rocket invention by Space1. What are the naming convention origins? Beginning with USS, in regard to US military government navy ship technology, it stands for commissioned United States Ship. With space origins it stands for United Star Ship and United Space Ship. In the case of space ship, it's defined as a spacecraft, especially one controlled by a crew. The Pioneer rocket is a spacecraft operated by a crew of technicians, astronauts, humanoids and automatons. The name pioneer is representative of the first pioneering tourists that will ride aboard the mighty rocket into space.