Monday, January 15, 2018

Space1 Rocket Tour Package Analysis

Space1 Future - in the not so distant future when our first tour is ready for packaging, we have an idea and are looking at the possibility of sending the first rocket tour package to the South Korean Wisdom Lab 한국어 지혜 연구소, operated by the Chief Scientist, Dara, for analysis.

The Wisdom Lab has shown the innate ability to follow precise instructions, collect scientific data of great value, and put together technology in an understandable manner for Space1 expansion projects. In second future idea, a map of our rocket space program may "send" to the Wisdom Lab where it's expanded and followed for construction details. In the past, Space1 preliminary satellite ventures were capable of creating photographic plans which could be followed as electronic and AI imaging schematics without actually drawing schematics. In a mailed space program, imaging schematics could wire through email as attachments.

Dara 지혜 is Chief of Operations and Executive Korean Scientist for the Korean Wisdom Lab while maintaining the role of Korean Conceptual Design Director. This position includes Chief Engineer of the South Korean Seoul SpacePort Peninsula near the Yellow Sea, a vital link in Space1's global network. Dara 지혜 is the recipient of Space1’s highest honor - the Global International Award in 2017 for exemplary work in monitoring the resolve of the entire Space1 global network over the largest extended time period in the history of Space1.