Friday, January 26, 2018

Space1 Ordering System

Space1 Industries has activated a new space and rocket parts ordering system in addition to the parts that are engineered and manufactured on location. 

Ordering is kept in-house for 100% control. A hotline directly to China was activated for greater ordering control and new order routing is put in place to speed up deliveries.

— When a part is ordered, a file is opened for the part containing a part image along with text pages with technical specifications

E-commerce allows for complete online control. Rocket parts sources are now added including overseas science centers where real rockets are inventoried and sometimes sold or given away.

As an example of the high level of detailed control, the exampling illustration at left shows a view of each part or module that would be kept in inventory. When a part is ordered, immediately a control file is opened for the part to contain a part image(s) along with text pages including technical specifications. Credit: Parts pack KSP

Space1 has purchased two complete rockets
from two different science centers, one was a completed rocket ready for launching and the other was a mish-mash of parts requiring intricate assembly. There are currently an estimated 25,000 parts in inventory. The next new system to install will undoubtedly be for inventory control. When a part is used, the inventory numerical count is reviewed on-the-spot and the part is either added to the order list or not. Parts are numerically kept in inventory based on specific missions, the development of systems, and the construction of space craft and various rockets.