Friday, January 5, 2018

Space1 Founder Interview

as requested, a short international interview in Asia with Humanoido, the founder of Space1...

Q - How did you come up with the idea for Space1?
A - Space was always a part of my life since before age 3 when parents would take me on trips to the public library where I first learned to read about space and rockets. It wasn't until about age 6 when I regularly began launching rockets. After that, I decided to have my own space programs and the rest is history.

Q - Growing up, do you remember launching your first rocket?
A - Yes, it was a small chemical rocket included in the Gilbert Science kit. I found it to be the most fascinating part of the kit.

Q - What is the most distinguishing feature of Space1?
A - I would say it's the Safety Rocket. For the first time in space history, you can go up in a rocket and stay 100% safe.

Q - What is the purpose of Space1?
A - I wanted to build a fleet of rockets to take people into space as tourists, and do it safely. Touring space is extremely exciting and I want to make it available to everyone interested.

Q - Tell us about the new rocket for 2018.
A - This is our largest and most luxurious rocket to date. It has a fat belly for more interior room and can go farther with the more powerful S1 engine. It can carry the greatest number of tourists and the most cargo. A ship this big can double as a space station and have multi-functions.

Q - What is the future of Space1?
A - This is an incredible mind-boggling exciting adventure and greatly awe inspiring. There's every reason to believe we'll continue to set our goals and sights higher and higher. I'm looking at opening the door to exploring new space dimensional realms that may be unexplored - so a tourist mission could be one of exploration and discovery.

this concludes the interview with Humanoido, Founder of Space1