Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Space1 Ban

The Space1 Board Council has initiated new rulings for 2018. Members on drugs and those on drugs applying for membership will be tested and banned. 

Surprisingly, an increasing number of Space1 members from the USA are on mind altering drugs and their unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. In 2017, one USA member was banned and in 2018 another USA member was banned. The Council has found users taking a variety of drugs - some are taking a deadly cocktail mix. Real life examples include addictions to alcohol, morphine, opiods, narcotics, meth, heroine, and other drugs to include the heavy OD abuse of common substances such as caffeine.

— Space1 (S1) has a five year safety record without a single accident. S1 is a high technology company dealing with high power rockets where a clear thinking and positive supportive mind and attitude is a prerequisite to all activities at all times.

"President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency on Thursday, telling an audience in the East Room of the White House that "we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic." The Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission is to advise the Trump administration on combating the ongoing opioid epidemic claiming more than 30,000 American fatalities annually in the United States. The commission is chaired by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie."

The primary effects observed by the Council of an addicted drug user most often include complete denial of any addiction, and include the manifestation of complex delusions.  They are combative and will refuse any help. They have an inability to comprehend reading coherently and writing is often rude, cynical, delusional, aggressively negative, disruptive and problematic. They may offer threats and have intent to harm and create situations bordering on criminal. The delusions are often manifested around common day to day normality of life and business which is then warped and acutely transformed with highly negative disruptive aberrations, bad moods, and extreme argumentative states. Regrettably the agency has lost time, money and resources in the past with these types of situations.

On an ending notation, S1 has never seen the effects of these same drugs go the other way, as in the movie Limitless, where the lead person becomes astute and genius with greater mental resources and acute sensory perception used for the greater good.