Monday, January 8, 2018

Space1 Adventure

There's a profound adventure about going inside a rocket and experiencing the excitement of the journey.

It's a profound thrill and experience to feel the rocket vibration and G-force liftoff, hear the roar of the engine, look out the window and see the receding view of the Earth below, reaching a period of weightlessness, enjoying the views and returning home safely.

Space1 supports space and space tourism, basically all space travel, even that which culminates in a journey to Mars making us a multi-planetary species. The exciting thing is if you get a hold of one of our reusable safety rockets, you can conduct your own space program and make as many launches as you want into the troposphere and experience the excitement of safe rocket travel.

Space1 is considering a rocket package suited to those who wish to explore space with their own rocket. We would offer a rocket along with a list of items needed for space travel.