Thursday, November 16, 2017

Space1 Think Tank

Space1 Think Tank

Space1 has initiated new 2017 programs of reformation, change and has added to the vast venture’s foundation. Primarily, this year the shift will advance focus from industry manufacturing on a large space scale to that of a creative and powerful Think Tank. The Think Tank Era is given the authority to continue, halt, add to, or suspend any of the existing programs. Space1 Think Tank currently organizes into several main divisions.

* Solving problems in space science

* Discussing new technology and ideas
* Creating inventions of space and time
* Developing advanced programs for present and future
* Exploring new realms and dimensions in space and time
* Constructing small scale devices to facilitate discovery and exploration

* Space tourism
* Discovery

The Think Tank can conduct activities on and off world and is not limited to specific locations either domestic or international.

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