Friday, August 18, 2017

Space1 Transporter Components

Matter-Rematter Transportation machines can be installed on the ISS Space Station like this ISS Plasma Machine.

Direct beam-ins to the ISS International Space Station may be possible with the new Space1 Transporter.

Letter from Humanoido, the Founder of Space1
Saturday August 19th, 2017
To all members:

I'm working on inventing and building a special containment field for matter-rematter vestilation. This is another key part to contribute to the new style transporter mentioned previously at this site. The transporter has a number of components to assure transport success.

Our transporting technology has opened up whole new fields of transporting, brain beaming, and moving elements from one location to another. With a humanoid, it will be possible to transport the entire body from the Earth to a far away rocket and space station.

Space1 is working on this as a first. NASA won't need those risky trips to the space station by other companies rockets that periodically fail. It's a new revelation in rocket and space technology.

To answer several questions, yes, we will have a transporter pad for sending and receiving, and a really amazing control panel to calibrate and initiate the transporting. Controls also help one attenuate the signals and assure transporting success. We will have holding buffers to hold the patterns and software to do the reconstruction assurance.

The panel will allow a human to retouch and add fine tuning to the process. In some cases the pattern buffer may be amplified with the pattern buffer amplifier. The mixer will mix signal A with signal B, just like one could flash film or bake it to increase its sensitivity. I'm working on additional new parts of the transporter and improving this new technology invention.

New Transporter Terms
Brain Beaming
Pattern Buffer
Signal Amplification
Buffer Amplifier
Holding Buffer
Transport Pad
Targeting Node
Assurance Module
Containment Field
Control Panel

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