Saturday, August 19, 2017

Space1 Idea Lab

Chief Scientist Zhǔ Kēxuéjiā 主 科學家 returned from international travel to accept Space1
Industries new Idea Lab position.

The center of large modern cities like Seoul are too dense for space launches.
This photo highlights an aerial view of the Incheon Tri-bowl.

Heat has shut down outdoor activity. However, indoors at the International Corporate Office, we are making progress in expanding operations with the recently created IDEA LAB.

Diversity of Korean landscape, trees, city, open countryside, and mountains
Space1 has opened the IDEA LABORATORY in Taiwan. The Lǐniàn Shíyàn shì 理念 實驗室 is a new department to Space1 International Headquarters in Taiwan. 

Chief Scientist Zhǔ Kēxuéjiā 主 科學家 has returned from international travel to accept the new position, which includes various roles.

Zhǔ Kēxuéjiā will direct programs such as Chaser Drone piloting before, during and after rocket launches, Chinese translations,
Zhǔ Kēxuéjiā 主 科學家 photo'd this large floor cleaning robot at the airport during an international
Seoul flight. All photos credit Zhǔ Kēxuéjiā 主 科學家. The cleaning robot was sighted at the Incheon
International Airport in South Korea.
ferreting out new space ideas, establishing opinions & cultural comparisons, voicing impressions of international space and space travel, offering scientific research and information and doing space fielding throughout Taiwan and international countries.

Ongoing views into other international countries and cultures will be offered for Space1 expansion and potential new spaceports to include the USA, Taiwan, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and Sweden as examples.

The Lǐniàn Shíyàn shì 理念 實驗室 IDEA LAB is conducted by Chief Scientist Zhǔ Kēxuéjiā 主 科學家, Idea Lab is created as a networked addition to the highly successful WISDOM LAB conducted by DARA in South Korea.

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