Sunday, August 20, 2017

Space1 DARA Wins Global Award 2017

Space1's international South Korean Seoul Spaceport operations, located on the Peninsula at the Yellow Sea is conducted by DARA, Chief of Operations. Space1 Spaceport operations were modified and streamlined after 2014 to include the ability to launch rockets from a newly established fleet.
DARA Wins Space1 Global Award 2017

Dara 지혜 is the recipient of Space1’s highest honor - the Global International Award in 2017 for exemplary work in monitoring the resolve of the entire Space1 global network over the largest extended time period in the history of Space1.

Dara 지혜 is Space1’s Chief of Operations and Executive South Korean Scientist for the South Korean Wisdom Lab in South Korea. Dara is known for her outstanding meticulous work in Space1 research, 3D project resolutions and numerous needed technical activities. The operation roles of the Korean Wisdom Lab, 한국어 지혜 연구소, hangug-eo jihye yeonguso provides added support in the hosting of meetings, navigational information and high technology projects. 

Dara 지혜 is Chief of Operations and Executive Korean Scientist for the Korean Wisdom Lab while maintaining the role of Korean Conceptual Design Director. This position includes Chief Engineer of the South Korean Seoul SpacePort Penninsula near the Yellow Sea, a vital link in Space1's global network.

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