Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Space1 Tropical Space Ports

Too hot to handle!

Space1 has a number of tropical space ports in 2017, located in areas of excessive temperatures. A blazing hot sun, rising searing temperatures, and areas of high humidity with a lack of wind are common in these locals. Given the rising temperatures, increases in sea temperature, and elevated localized air temperatures at and above 120 degree F. in the shade, Space1 has decided to amend its rules governing summer space launches.

International space ports in the South Pacific are often too hot to handle in the Summer for Northern Westerners coming from North America. Space1 will turn over the launches to native local residents that are more suited to handling the hot weather and where they can make decisions regarding space missions.

At the Shanghai location, official weather reports shade temperature has reached 122 degrees F. in the week of July 22. This has stopped all outside Space1 operations. Heat index values have greatly exceeded this due to the region of high humidity. Areas with Space1 spaceports hit hard by searing heat this summer include USA, Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

At the same time, USA spaceports are seeing +100 degree F. actual shade temperatures and this is predicted to climb higher during the months of July and August. The heat index is also high, reported reaching at least 112 deg. F. during July. Though rocket fuel will withstand high temperatures, it will be more safe to suspend operations. Temps in the sun can reach oven-like temperatures in excess of 140 deg. F. and ignite rocket fuel prematurely.

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