Saturday, July 8, 2017

Space1 Rotational Dimension Space Craft

The Universe is filled with strange new unexpected realms for exploration.

Proposed RSD realm space craft
World's First Rotational Dimension Space Craft

Space1 is designing and creating the world's first Rotational Dimension Space Craft, designed for missions into the Rotational Space Dimension (RSD) realm.

Realm Expectations
When entering the RSD Realm for the first time, no one knows what to expect in the unknown. Therefore, designing the world's first rotational dimension space craft will need to embrace the unknown.

First Mission
The first mission into the realm may require a craft with testing sensors for GPS, mapping, distance, time, temperature and energy. The mission will test all the components of a Rotational Dimension Space Craft.

Craft Appearance
No one knows exactly what the craft will look like. Some interesting black box conceptional (craft compartment) craft ideas are shown in the illustration.

Realm Travel
Realm travel negates the need to monitor atmospheric levels such as ionosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere.

Weather Prepping
However, prepping with the day's weather statistics can be very useful, such as temperature, barometric pressure (rising or falling), dew point, temperature highs/lows, humidity, and projected time temperatures. UV and pollution indices are also useful.

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