Friday, July 14, 2017

Space1 President Meeting in Hong Kong 2017

Hong Kong - site for Space1 meeting on July 13th, 2017 with the President

— the meeting went well but you won't believe what happened at the airport!

Although things were busy and rushed, business was completed at the last second. We gained continued access to HK for use as a spaceport to launch rockets, confirmed our commitment to gaining new parts and components to continue various aspects of Space1 summarized as follows:

* Ten new Chaser Drones will be added to the 2017 fleet
* New rockets will be added to the Corporate Office location in Taiwan
* Five orders will be placed for modules, parts, components, electronics and crafts
* Space1 will raw manufacture component structures rather than purchase
* The Corporate Office location in Taiwan will move to a new location
* New labs will open in 2017 for electronics, robotics, optics, space, rockets, space craft

It's interesting to observe some points about the International Hong Kong Airport. It seems airports have become an entity to serve planes and not humans. For example, referring to the above two opposite direction photos of the Hong Kong International Airport, one can clearly see the walking distance is a mile or greater. This is too much for most humans and not serving efficient travel and plane transfer, more often than not exhausting the traveler and making the experience very unpleasant.

It was observed that only young travelers were traversing this sports course by sprinting, running and jogging in a stampede not unlike a cattle stampede of the USA wild west frontier in the 1800s. After the stampede of people passed, the halls were empty. It appeared many individuals were well prepared for the heavy workout, wearing jogging clothes and athletic garments.

Above: Complex airport construction is readily seen in the windows reflection of this leg of buildings.

To add to the difficulty of traversing this course, there was no air conditioning, and the horizontal transports were switched off. With no places to sit, temperatures approaching 100 degrees F., and the requirement of walking over a mile, airports have become very unfriendly and probably conducive to heat stroke, heart attack and physical exhaustion.

It wasn't just the HK airport that was unfriendly. It seems nearly all Asian flight jets have the air flow nozzles removed, and the on-board plane temperatures are jacked up to 90 deg. F. or more, often approaching 100 deg. at high humidity, making for a very unpleasant flight. Be reminded to take your own fan and filter mask for survival. A hot humid environment is a breeding ground for the flu and diseases, especially when sitting in the cramped space with 250 to 500 people.

Space1 will rethink the location of spaceports in countries beyond a certain line of demarcation, designating tropical zones of intense heat and humidity and with flight conditions relatively intolerable. International flights will be limited for the aforementioned reasons.

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