Thursday, July 27, 2017

Space1 New Space Worlds

Space1 tourists will gaze on new realms of space
Space1 will launch rockets off this world towards new space realms
Space1 has introduced discoveries and developments of at least eleven new space worlds

This has become a fantastic year for Space1 in the discovery of new space to explore. As Space1 is fast becoming one of the most spectacular providers of suborbital space flight tours for a different kind of space tourism experience, the offerings of space tourism within these new regions of space have become mind boggling. The benefit are to space tourists, in exploring these relatively unknown types of space.

Let's take a rundown of what we've discovered so far and provide the links to their discovery pages. To recap, first we developed the Rotational Space Dimension to expand our space industry operations and testing. Next, we discovered the Outer Rim, a place at the limit of our rocket technology, followed by the discovery of many Rim Extensions which are defined by Polynomial Space equations in the Space Realm. This leads to a Multiplicity Expanse and a New Realm. Humanoido also discovered Polynomial Space Domains and through their roots and terms, leading to New Extensions. These can be summed Polynomial Space for Summation Space.

These are eleven new worlds recently discovered by July 2017 and are being introduced into Space1 space travel missions. For more information, refer to the links.

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