Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Space1 Space Schedules Mars & Beyond

Space1 Delta Wing Flyers traverse around the outer space habitat
Space Schedules - Mars and Beyond

A Mini Dialog About Space Schedules
and the Action Taken by Space1
by the Founder of Space1

Remember when NASA put out all those plans about going to Mars in 2010? We were so happy. Then they changed it to 2020. I wasn't sure at that time if I could make it to 2020. A human life span does have its limitations... What a disappointment. So sad.

Then NASA changed it to 2030, totally beyond my life span. Total disappointment in my heart, not seeing Mars colonists and human Mars landings. So sad. Now NASA is talking 2040. It never ends. They just keep pushing the schedule forward and not taking any real action. I'm not sad, I'm angry.

Ok, I put my right foot down and said enough of this. It's time to get up to par and take our own action for the future.
So... I decided to make some very long range goals in the spirit of Space1 that are fantastic and would make any NASA employee excited, but given the future time line beyond their life span, they would probably feel the freeze. I'm very serious about a number of Space1 projects projected to 2040, 2080, 2100, and 2200. See these links. 

Of course Space1 will need to employ young blood to carry the torch and relay the missions to the next person. As you can see, by this page, we are serious.
This is our space station, actually a created man made artificial planet that can be moved into solar orbit where all that human space junk does not exist, destination year 2200. It supports deep space missions and serves as a space colony for humanity preservation.

It requires massive resources, revenue, and man power. Why not? Projected project build time is a minimum of 100 years from 2100 to 2200. I believe it will also support our new star ships with warp capability. We are starting a federation of Space explorers and preservationists. I think this will be big league. We are putting major emphasis on advanced self replicating AI life forms adapted to work, live alongside humans in space, explore and colonize the Milky Way Galaxy.

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