Sunday, May 7, 2017

Space1 Rocket Body

Ten raw rocket bodies are inventoried and being prepared for Space1 rockets and tests in 2017
Space1 has acquired materials and inventory stock items at the international Taiwan Space1 construction site for rolling massive rocket bodies.

Ten bodies; eight massive long barrel structures and two sleek air penetrating rocket bodies, are now completed in rolling their raw form, and now available for rocket construction throughout 2017. Ten units would appear to make ten rockets but this is not always the case. Space1 rockets have continued to become larger in diameter and longer in length. So it will be likely that rocket bodies will be welded together to achieve greater lengths.

A longer rocket can support more activities, including the Delta Wing Flyers, internalized Space Station, Astronauts, supplies, and payload like the Space Telescope, satellite, or other science experiments, tests, and machines. Much of this space inside current rockets is slated for Astronauts, telemetry, electronics, optics, cameras and imaging machines, instruments, control panels, and recovery equipment.

Rocket bodies must be light weight with strong welded seams. Rocket designs often include internal reinforcement and floors to minimize flexing. Divisions are included at key areas, such as the astronaut capsule, engine, ejection stage, and stations.

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