Friday, May 19, 2017

Space1 Photonic Deepest Space

Photonic entrances of Quantum Flux: penetrate with a Quantum Touring Photonic Class Ship
Space1 has discovered Photonic Deepest Space, a new realm of dimensional space and time

To enter spectacular Photonic Deep Space, the Microcosmic Door to the Quantum World must be penetrated. For photonic tours, Space1 plans to use the Space Touring Photonic Class Ship for photonic space time travel in the year 2400.

We believe entering Photonic Deepest Space with the Photonic Ship will result in one of the most spectacular tourism ventures of all time, considering the wide spectrum of blazing scintillating colors ranging from the ultraviolet through the infrared and beyond, unimaginable shapes in contortion space, and a multitude of simultaneous reoccurring special interlaced lanyards of time itself causing spectacular feelings and effects!

The Photonic Time Travel Ship accomplishes several feats, first of which is opening a Quantum Door to the Photonic Realm. Then, the door is systemically teased and enlarged, substantially in Quantum space, until time is fully prepared for a time mission. Tourists to enter and begin exploring and sight seeing Photonic Deepest Space. Deepest Space is an entity of space time that exists within the special grasp of great time trips achievable only by the photonic traveler who enters the photonic layer embedded inside space and time. Space1 construction of the Space Touring Photonic Class Ship is currently estimated from the year 2300 through 2400.

Space1 Photonic Class Ship

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