Thursday, May 25, 2017

Space1 Photonic Class Ship

Space1's Photonic Class Time Traveler emergences from Photonic Space in the year 2400
Photonic Class Ship for Time Travel Tourism
New realms of space travel are continually being opened up for space tourism by Space1 in the future. Photonic Deepest Space is perhaps the most spectacular for space tourism. Space1 constructs a space touring photonic class ship for photonic time travel in the year 2400. As seen here, the Photonic Time Travel Ship returns from a time mission bringing tourists and data gathered from exploring deepest space. Deepest Space is an entity of space time that exists within the grasp of great time trips achievable only by the photonic traveler who enters the photonic layer embedded inside space and time. Space1 construction is estimated from the year 2300 through 2400.

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