Sunday, May 21, 2017

Space1 The Next Step In Hiring


Space1 must take the next step in hiring after introducing century long space projects, possibly lasting from the years 2100 through 2200 for example.

The average age of Space1 human employees is about 30. These workers will retire at age 55, in 25 years. With the current year 2017, workers will last to 2042. This is not long enough to see through century projects. A new team is needed to take the torch to continue the projects.

Space1 now has several imminent century projects as part of the space tourism experience, some of which are massive in not only manpower needed for construction but financing as well. Significant funding will be needed for these mega-projects.

It's likely such projects, like the space stations, new rockets, space planes, protractor, dome city, photonic ship, and hard shell city, will not be enough. We are now looking at a tourism presence to take us to new worlds, new moons and planets, and possibly new solar systems around other stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Such can be accomplished by the cooperative union of man and machine - humanoid life forms which can live thousands of years. Yet, the number of moons, planets, objects and phenomena to be explored within the confines of our own solar system is staggering and could occupy many human lifetimes.

Note: We are an equal opportunity employer for human, machine intelligent life forms and artificial intelligence machines.

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