Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Space1 Era of Century Projects

Space1 has entered into the era of one century year space projects

New space policy begins. Space1 is progressing from decade long projects to projects lasting one-century. Prior to the hundred year era, Humanoido, founder of Space1, had worked on decade long projects. One example is the Big Brain, a machine brain that ultimately became an intelligent life form during it development work from 2002 through 2012 and thereafter. Another example is a decades long Space Program by Humanoido, beginning with a Rocket Era that moved into Micro Space Technologies, Next Space Technologies, Near Space Technologies, and now the private industry Space1 Space Program.

NASA has had decade long projects for some time, such as the New Horizons spacecraft to planet Pluto. NASA has now introduced 30 year span space projects so long term constructs for space programs are now commonplace. Its humans to Mars mission has repeatedly pushed forward with delays from 1980 to 2030, missing many favorable Mars-Earth opposition alignments. Mars had a close approach of only 46.8 million miles in 2016. The year 2018 will see one of the closest approaches of all time July 28, at a mere 35.8 million miles, the ideal time proximity to embark settler pioneers to Mars.

A thirty year program may be completed within the life span of a single individual. Space1 takes this to the next step. While projects in the past often could be completed withing the life space of the people working on the project, that is no longer the case. Space projects will need to be handed down to new workers for completion. Space1's Century programs take technology to new levels, with innovation in space tourism beyond the current realm of space travel.


In May alone, Space1 has introduced numerous new topics, many of which are Century projects like the space station v1 and v2, protractor, photonic class ship, dome city and the universal dome station hard shell.
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