Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Space1 FQ 2017 update

Ideas, concepts & working elements of Space1 are not unlike the science fiction of Star Trek
First Quarter update for Space1, recorded Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Business is on the upswing, and currently conducted at the international site in Taiwan. Accomplishments include new designs, new inventory, and new missions. Plans are being made for decisions regarding the USA portable hangar and the additional space center. Construction is being laid out for the new Safety Rocket, Delta Wing Flyer and Space Station.

Following the Presidential meeting on April 2017, the President has committed to supporting Space1 in 2017.  This gives Space1 new found incentives to expand operations and fully commit to our customers in paving and pioneering new ways into space, resulting in astounding and impressive space tourism.



Web Presence
The Space1 Web presence is booming with an increase in viewership and has reached a total of 251 full page or larger topical posts about selected Space1, space and space tourism topics. This quarter has already seen 34 space posts that highly detail the progress of Space1 this year. Although Space1 began as a private industry space venture, the policy of the web site and presence has consistently remained opened about reporting the latest news, designs, progress and information.

New Designs
New designs, and work on those new designs include a future new Space1 Safety Rocket that can handle the parking of two Delta Wing Flyers in space, an internalized space station for astronauts, and equipment. This will undoubtedly include the EOC Earth Observation Center for rocket launch spaceport surveillance and mapping.

New Missions
New missions are being planned after sourcing a repository of rocket engine fuel. Space1 has a policy to source rocket fuel at this time rather than participate in the highly dangerous and volatile method of manufacturing it. We are designing a more controllable fuel for implementation in the future.

New Inventory
A new shipment of raw materials for rocket bodies is entered into inventory. Future plans are for increasing the spectrum inventory by ordering more telemetry parts, components and electronics equipment. There's a good inventory of rocket nose cones for building the larger rockets and space capsules. Space1 is looking for sources of overseas rocket fuel, and space hardened window material for rocket space window ports for 2017.

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