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Space1 Folding Space

Folded Space FS is the ability to take a finite size compartment and fold the space within so that it may contain more volume than originally thought. FS will be useful for rockets transporting cargo into space to carry more volume of payload. It can also be applied to astronauts and the space contained within the rocket or space habitat.

Space plane unfolding cargo
Folding Space can be applied to vehicular space or the payload. Several forms of folded Space exist, such geometric, electronic, time, sound, light, space, and space time. 

Folding Geometrics
Folding space objects into space objects is geometric and architectural in nature. Geometric folding can apply to objects and payload. Meshing of two geometries and create smaller objects from larger object. Meshing Unmeshing are good techniques which require previous planning and design.

Fig. 1 - A space plane can carry folded cargo into space and upon arrival, unfold the cargo into its larger dimensional format.

Fig. 2 - "Folding space into space, Plasma draw landscapes into buildings, streets into facades, inside to outside.

Transformative tectonics set spaces, planes and bodies into unforeseen relationships that challenge conventional topographies and spatial codes.

While the angular and complex qualities of their forms might superficially affiliate them with 'computer-generated' architecture, decision-making is never relinquished to the computer."

Folding Electronics
Electronic folding can be achieved by the creation of electronic components that can share space together. The dynamics are electro magnetic radiation coexisting component lines of force.

Folding Light
Objects and machines created with light can undergo light folding. Light is both wave and particle in nature. Light can be folded by infinite reflection, criss crossed in pathways, subjected to varying medium, and changed in its nature.

Geometric folding space objects into objects - Source
Folding Sound
The application of folding sound could include the combination of two frequencies into one, and the diversion unfolding of that sound back into its constituent waveform by reductive and constructive data.

Folding Time
The techniques for folding time can include time compression through various means. Time can also undergo folding with gravity and relativistic speeds. Recorded time can be compressed and uncompressed.

Folded Space Time
The paradox of folded space time in spatial code states inside a vessel, space time can be folded, resulting in a vast volume or landscape existing inside the small vessel. Gravity and velocity are effectual constituents.

Folding Unfolding
Objects, space, time, geometry, light, sound, electronics, and mechanics can undergo folding and unfolding. Payloads and space stations, rockets, space planes, could be folding during space flight trajectories, duration of missions, then unfolded at destination.

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