Friday, May 12, 2017

Space1 Earth Space Workshop


Space1 released design ideas for its Earth Space Center. The unique aspects of the ESW are its fin solar arrays and space capsule nose cone.

One idea is to combine the fin solar arrays with the space station rocket in the previous design study. The capsule becomes the flight bridge for flying the space station and a design maintained for parking Delta Wing Flyers on the craft.

This modifies the space station to include the rocket, nose space capsule command flight center, solar panel solar arrays, self contained space station, and attached Delta Wing Flyers.

The entire vehicle is slowly rotated to position the solar panels and distribute temperature of the hull evenly.

A single centerline rocket engine propel the craft into space. In the event of a recovery, the entire craft can parachute back to the Earth or specific DeltaWing Flyers can become return lifeboats.

The primary added function provided by the Earth Space Center is a viable approach to solar panels. The vehicle is a long term solution to a longer stay in space by astronaut space tourists.

The spacecenter is viewed as a possible bee-hive of activity, with delivery vehicles coming and going, space tourist being ferried to the station, a workshop of conducted research and activities, space vessels delivering food, water and supplies, Delta Wing Flyers returning astronauts to the Earth and providing mobile space flight vessels for space tourism, and an observation post for stellar cartography and Earth observation missions. Also the command center for the space telescope would gather data for analysis.

Model concepts based on NASA Skylab, the Apollo rocket body, and a Gemini mission capsule.

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