Friday, April 21, 2017

Space1 Lunar Outpost

Space1 has long range goals of providing tourism to the Moon and a Lunar Outpost. Typical depictions of lunar domes would be different, probably below the lunar soil to help avoid solar radiation. The Moon does not have a thick enough atmosphere to protect from damaging solar wind and cosmic radiation, or incoming meteors and asteroids. The skin on a dome or craft likewise cannot fully stop DNA damaging radiation and the thickness of several feet of lunar soil or water is required for protection. The Moon will need a space weather monitoring system to keep tabs on solar activity and celestial events as astronauts work on the surface and operate heavy mining equipment, and likely service machinery and robots. For now, S1 is designing outposts in space where space tourists may visit, and the rockets to go there. Tourist rockets have a safety design to protect tourists, opening up space flight to everyone in ways never seen before.