Friday, April 28, 2017

Space1 Delta Wing Flyer Emergence

Space1 is emerging new technology for a future Delta Wing Flyer to be delivered into space as part of a multi-purposed rocket space station SSS.

As of 2017, S1 has completed the construction of two space planes for flight testing and missions at the USA location. S1 intends to consolidate into a single popular spaceport location to facilitate the ease of more missions. These two space planes are paving the way to the future with the new deluxe feature-filled Delta Wing Flyer DWF.

By design, multiple space planes cluster around the Safety rocket and act as finnage, supplying stability and center of mass during the rocket flight through the Troposphere. During the return trip from space, the rocket planes are released for a gliding trip home without parachutes.

The trim on these space planes may enable Humanoido's automatic CSM circular Spiral Maneuver that reduces speed and kinetic energy to reasonable levels by flying in a descending spiral back to Earth. It also helps return the glider to a specific location not far from the launch site and or target landing site. This is a working design completed in 2016 at the USA location.

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