Monday, April 17, 2017

Space1 April 2017 Meeting Report

Space1 reports the following generalizations during April 2017 meetings: 

* Suspended Animation Act for the quantification of AI
* 2017 reduct travel changes
* Purchase of new tech devices
* Consolidation of departments
* Good inventory retention
* Good splay of operating equipment
* New constructs in the planning
* Some programs placed on time extensions
* Space Headquarters considerations
* Portable Space Hangar analysis
* Vehicular Space Building stats
* Drawback program in place
* Outpost in space


Portable Space Hangar
The portable Space Hangar PSH has reached its life span. Work will need to be allocated to maintain its skinned function or let it move into a state of dilapidation. PSH served a number of space related projects during 2015 and 2016 seasons.

* Storage of space equipment
* Construction projects
* Development of crafts
* Materials and component testing
* Tooling
* Space Headquarters carpentry

S1 Headquarters Planning
Space1 headquarters has outgrown its current location. Designs are being drawn up for a new headquarters which will involve a new location and be more conducive to a space business environment.

SpacePort USA
Space1 has suspended its permanent space launch pad site (spaceport) in the USA due to a disruption occurring in the Fall of 2016, and replaced it with a new portable system. This launch site will be moved to the upcoming new location of S1 Headquarters in the future.

Primary Vehicular Building
The allotment to repair the primary space vehicular building for $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 is canceled. The current contention is to utilize a larger vehicular building at the new S1 Headquarters. This will allow the construction of larger space craft. The current primary vehicular building will be maintained minimally.

Drawback Program
The new Drawback Program is put in place to allow for personnel sickness in any given department by the interjection of a time node.

Outpost In Space
The outpost in space concept is expanded to include Delta Wing Flyer space vehicles, space station, and a new designed accommodation rocket.

Documentation Project
S1 may begin a new documentation project to record certain aspects of a subset of over 100 rocket flights and tests and put the information in a database for reference. This could include reusable rockets, liquid fueled rockets and those with dry fuel.

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